Оnе yеаr mаstеr budgеt

Оnе yеаr mаstеr budgеt Your assignment is to prepare a OneJear master budget Which consists of
various operational budgets, Your bu get will be base on a real

case/ project or

a company. Therefore. you will begin by selecting a company and obtain its
financial statements or financial data from

the companies’web sites/from library

or by making a request directly to the company.

Once you have got the data you will begin

creating your template of budget on

Excel worksheet. our template should include appropriate formulas and
formatting and each operational

budget should be linked with each other. You

need to mention all assumptions related to budgets in the assignment report It is

that you include more than one product. growth in sales, growth in

expenses, depreciation. dividend payment etc You should not write more

15 pagesfor the full assignment. You can include the following budgets in the

Sales Budget & Schedule of Cash


Production Budget

Direct Materials Budget 8. Schedule of Cash Disbursements
Direct Labour Budget
Manufacturing Overhead


Ending Finished Goods lnv entory Budget

Detailed Selling and Administrative Expense Budget

Complete Cash Budget

find the

attached required template

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