Реrfоrming ЕLISА tо mеаsurе рrоgеstеrоnе соnсеntrаtiоns in 4 unknоwn sаmрlеs in оrdеr tо соmраrе mеthоd аnd оutсоmе with rаdiоimmunоаssаy (RIА) аnаlysis оf sаmе sаmрlеs.

you have to determine concentration for 4 unknown sample using ELISA and then determine concentration for 4 unknown sample using RIM and
then compare the outcome f
(fortreatment of resuItthe instruction written in attached no. 3)
1- Perform ELISAto
determine concentrations of progesterone (p4) in 4 unknown samples.
2- Compare the outcomes with those achieved by RIM.
1- Construct standard curve using mean absorbance from your standards. Plot absorbance (Y axis) against Log10 corresponding
concentration of standard progesterone (P4, X axis).
2- Make sure you include only the vaIuesthat contribute to the best straight line.
This may mean excluding some of the outer values. 5
3- Using the formulae for a straight line (y=mx + c) where y isthe absorbance and x is
the unknown Iog10 of the concentration, calculate the P4 concentrations in all weIIs using on the plate and the coefficients of variation
Sstandard deviation /mean as a %; %CV) for all of the triplicate on the plate.
Calculate the mean and standard error of mean (SEM) for
each of unknowns and QCs and create a bar chart.


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