Сеrvаntеs’s Nоvеl ( Dоn Quiхоtе)

Choose ONE of the thesis statement from the following three:

This essay explains the role of justice in Cerv antes’s

This essay explains the role of honor in Cerv antes’s novel,

This essay explains the role of lov e in
Cervantes’s nov e
Please position this thesis statement, just as it is worded abov e. at the end of the introduction 00 not alter the
thesis statement.
12 through 6, 7. or 8) Paragraphs should fall between 100-200 words in length. Not counting the introduction and the
conclusion, the essay should contain somewhere between 6 and 8 body paragraphs, each of which is built around a different example that
relatesto the thesis. Remember to summarize briefly the situation surrounding each example. as if the reader of your essay was not so
familiar with Cervantes‘s novel. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence Sand never a quotation) that indicates the main idea
of the paragraph. Each body paragraph supports a single main rdea by using material an examples from the text in the form of quotation
and/or paraphrase. The speaker should always be indicated before a quotation. and references need to be given by using parenthetical page
citation. IMPORTANT: Make sure to cite the page numbers of passages when referring to material from the assigned text of the novel.
1Last) The conclusion does not introduce new examples. Instead, it recapitulates what has already been said and putsthe essay’s P
thesis in a broader context. It isthe best place for making personal comments. if you like. After the conclusion of the essay.
Bibliographic information about the text should be given asthe
Work Cited. Cerv antes’s book should appear in alphabetical order
along with the name of the author(s) of the secondary source(s) used. 00 not quote from Vtfikipedia, SparksNote s, or Grade sav er. These are not
college-level secondary sources.
Remember to use Times New Roman font (12pt size) and to double- space between lines. Check that the
essay’s length is 1300-1500 words. Rememberthat to italicize the book when you refer to Don Quixote asthe whole book. Remember not to
use italics when you refer to Don Quixote as a character in Don Quixote. The best essays are not those that express the opinions of the
professor but those that use reason and insrght to persuasively argue an indrvrdual vrewpornt by drawrng on material in the book.

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