То whаt ехtеnt is еquivаlеnсе in mеаning асhiеvаblе in trаnslаting thе Ноly Qurаn frоm Аrаbiс tо Еnglish

This essay triesto answer the following question
To what extent is equiv alence in meaning achievable in translating the Holy Quran i
from Arabic to English
To answer the questions, you MUST follow the following points:
Discussion of theoretical issues in 0 0 0 0 0 0
translation studies and link those to practical analysis of the material (examples existing translations)
Presenting a cohesiv e
argument: supporting theoretical claims, discussing alternativ e approaches and objections… 5
Focusing on some controversial points and 0
present argument for and against it, check how they are supported wrth data
Synthesis of the arguments and arriving at new suggestions or
NOTE” : All discussion and argument MUST be considered aboutthe equivalence issues in translating from Arabic to English
with examples from existing translation for the Holy Quran.
These two resources MUST be used and you can add more i
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