Assignment: In 3 pages or less (double spaced), describe how you are going to research your topic and produce quality outcome measures. For instance, if you are going to design an Emergency Department, identify (3) challenges that current Emergency Departments face in today’s health care environment and outline how your design will aim to solve these challenges as well as post occupancy quality outcome measures that can be applied to your design solution. This must be conducted in APA format.


In summary:


Map your strategic, cultural and research goals. Each one of these should be (1) paragraph. – 10 points

Describe three challenges that your end users face that can be solved with design (Project Drivers)– 10 points

Describe how you are going to solve them with your innovative design (Hypothesize Outcomes & Innovate) – 10 points

Describe quality outcome measures that can be derived from your solving the challenges – include qualitative and quantitative information gathering (Improved Outcomes & Implement Translational Design/ Design for Improvement)– 10 points


You must have read through Chapter 4 in the text to complete this assignment.
the book: evedence based healthcare design / rosalyn cama


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