156339 Omni-Channel Retail Marketing

Ver4, Assessment 2, 2017
Assignment 2: Retail Design
The objective of the assignment is to understand the importance of, and elements of, getting
customer into the store (assuming they are standing outside it/walking past) based on location
and outside appearance, guiding them to purchase thru in-store design, influences, and
Pretend you are Omni-Channel Retail Marketing Consultant. You have been asked by the retailer
to consult to them. They have asked you to address the following:
x Outside the building, in-store layout, and merchandising.
You are to do this by analysing and critiquing the design of two different stores, in light of
concepts learnt in class and from readings. You are to use the SAME store from Assignment
1, and then contrast with a similar type store (e.g. two supermarkets, two hardware stores,
two menswear stores, two car dealers, or two charity shops) etc; they do not need to be in close
proximity, nor owned by the same group (but can be).
Of key interest in this assignment is to assess the congruence of the various aspects of the retail
marketing mix: how interior design and atmosphere in particular assist or detract from product
assortment, visual merchandising, service level positioning, in-store promotions, location, store
branding and so on. The Rudolph Zone Model of Differentiation might be useful in thinking
through these retail mix instruments (see Rudolph and Becker reading in the Assessments
section for guidance).
There are three possible sources of data for this assessment:
a) Academic literature on retail design, atmospherics etc; PLUS:
b) Your own observations of the (i) outside of building – store design/location/external attributes,
(ii) internal layout and (iii) merchandising; perhaps reflected in photographs (taken with
permission), store plans, observation of customer movement and interaction with staff, etc;
c) Survey data on customer perceptions of retail design, layout and merchandising. This could
be general in nature (i.e. secondary data you have found online, or could be primary data the
store has collected previously, and is willing to share this information with you.)
You are expected to draw on at least some literature, including from (but not limited to) the
“Retail Design readings” found in the Assessments section.
Specifically, you should:
1. State details of primary store (name, location of business) and the details of your
comparison store. (1 mark)
156339 Omni-Channel Retail Marketing
Ver4, Assessment 2, 2017
2. Analyse, compare and critique the (i) outside of the building – store design / location /
external attributes), (ii) internal layout, and (iii) merchandising of the two stores. (Overall,
how interior design and atmosphere in particular assist or detract from product assortment,
visual merchandising, service level positioning, in-store promotions, location (external &
surrounding stores/amenities etc), store branding, the congruence of these and other retail
mix elements, for each of the stores, and so on.[1]) (16 marks)
3. Use of Rudolph Zone Model of Differentiation. (Explain what the diagram shows). (4
4. Have integrated and referred to research, suggestions, etc gathered in Assignment 1 (3
5. Executive summary, introduction and conclusion for the report as a whole, and
recommendations for improvement. Referencing, layout, APA referencing etc (6 marks)
Remember you are looking to see how they are ATTRACTING customers, encouraging them to
stay in the store – and ultimately to PAY (before they leave).
TOTAL: 30 marks
See side panel in stream for additional info on Zone Model, FAQs, etc
[1] See ideas/areas to potentially look at here:
Some ideas of areas to look at within a store…
x Signature on outside of store?
x Display(s) in window draw you in?
x Electric Vehicle charging plug on outside of building?
x Parking for vehicle close by?
x Opportunity to sample / try item on the spot?
x Pleasant environment? (e.g. temperature)
x Store is attractively designed?
x Shop is well organised?
x Aisles are well signed?
x Choice provided (by product category or across the categories)
x Items are well signed / descriptions / reviews next to them?
x Store smells nice?
x Good lighting?
x Quality flooring?
x Entertainment for shopping partner? (e.g. boyfriend waiting in a lingerie store)
x Wide aisles?
x Endless Aisle? (Interactive displays / instore ordering points / kiosks)
x Short queues at checkouts
x Different types of checkout methods? (Self and assisted)
x Payment methods? (Cash, credit, layby etc)
156339 Omni-Channel Retail Marketing
Ver4, Assessment 2, 2017
x Convenient location?
x Available parking?
x Free WiFi?
x Cheap / free parking?
x Free delivery?
x Pickup of items purchased online? (Click and Collect)
x Long hours of operation? (or open when their customers want to shop)
x Friendly and knowledgeable staff (expert level of knowledge – not just sales people)
x Getting good customer service
x Slow pace of shopping (browsing)
x Entertainment (e.g. music)
x Having a lively atmosphere
x Supporting the local community
x Having a good time
Store location ideas…
x Where is the store located?
x Should it be located here?
x What facilities does it provide outside (vehicle parking, electric vehicle charging plug, etc.)?
x Signage that draws you in?
x Attractive display in window etc?
x Size of the store too small / just right / too big?
x Purchase in store and carry out?
x ‘Click and Collect’ – collect from…
o Nearest store? (e.g. Countdown)
o Collect from partner store? (e.g. NZ Post Shop)
o Collect from a locker?
o Courier delivery to home / office?

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