2 Parts (Thesis Essay, Final Paper) (Read Before Bidding)


See attachment you choose out of the choices on attachments
Remember that your proposal must include:
Your thesis and at least two main points in support of it
Refresh your knowledge of thesis statements by doing the interactive exercise included this week
Three sources you will use for your paper, not counting the story and film themselves, presented in MLA format
An analysis of how each source will help you make your argument and how each is credible
Refresh your knowledge of literary argument by doing the interactive exercise included this week
Draft and Final Paper
Your essay for this course will be a research paper in which you compare and contrast one of our readings with its film version. Essays should be between 1,300 and 1,500 words, make use of at least three credible outside sources not including book and film, and be written in MLA format.

READ ALSO :   Northwest Liquid Natural Gas (NWLNG) initial interpretibe cross - section (Geology) Northwest Liquid Natural Gas’ (NWLNG) project. This is real project data de-identified. Files provided: Data file: NWLNG_DH_Data_Cleaned.xls' Template: 'NWLNG Template.ppt' Ex ample and lo cation map: 'NWLNG Map and Example.pdf' Drill hole allocation (to be explained in class, list is in alphabetical order but only student number is shown): ‘student list drill hole s.pdf', ((my student ID is :3371921)) ((which isfirst one 3371921 section EVV2 Ex ample spreadhse et for creating sections: NWLNG_DH_Data_Grap h_Example' You will be allocated three drill holes to inv estigate (to be discussed in class) Assignment 1 You are required to produce a one-page graphic gleologlical cross-section forthree drill holes in the required format in a Powerpoint file (template provided). The cross section will s owt e three designated drill holes relative to a common datum (sea level). The spacing drillholes and the vertical exaggeration will be according to the scale required (template). The main geological units will be labelled with the stratigraphic codes. Feasible correlations ofthese units will be shown by lines between drillholes. Inferred changes in facies can be shown as “combs" gas shown in example). The areas belowthe end of drillholes should be marked by“?". The interpretation should not go below 10 m elow sea level. All the following attributes should be present: Correct drill holes as assigned. Submitted in required format suitable for presentation in class. Ge ologically credible attempt at correlation of stratigraphic units. Critical review of stratigraphic unitsto solv e geological problems. Appropriate annotation of some relevant geologrcal feature s. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :)