6 Reflection questions based on the reading of the book


Name of Book:
Small Victories – The real world of a teacher, her students, and their high school
Samuel G. Freedman
1. What is the general impression conveyed of teachers and students? If you were not familiar with public schools in the United States and you read this book what would you think teachers do? What would you think students are like?
2. According to the author, what is the influence of the students background, experience, and environment on teaching and learning? How did the home environment of the students and the experiences that the students had influence how much they were able to learn? How did the teacher have to change lessons because of what the students know or do not know? How did the community in which the school is located change how the teacher taught lessons?
3. What did the teacher do that you would use in your own classroom? Provide specific examples of what the teacher did that you would do. Why would you want to do these things?
4. Choose one student portrayed in the book. Describe the effect the teacher had on this student.
5. As you read the book (provide an example for each item listed)
? What surprised you?
? Made you upset/angry?
? Was humorous?
? Made you uncomfortable?
6. Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?

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