A Class Divided Video


A Class Divided Video
Video to watch for the "Class Divided" homework assignment.
Directions: Watch this video and then click on the "Class Divided" homework link and complete the questions. This video is approximately 15 minutes in length.
A Class Divided (Opens in a new window) https://www.youtube.com/embed/onKVeZaDzWg
A Class Divided Hmwk
?A Class Divided? Discussion Questions
Directions: Based on the video "A Class Divided" and based on the information from your textbook, answer the following questions. You need to provide a complete explanation for each question to include specific examples from the video. save it as an rtf and then attach.
Number each question AND provide the FULL question first- then your response. Answers are to be in complete sentences, grammatically correct, and reflect a full understanding of the concepts in the question.
Points will be based on the completeness of the response, answering all aspects of the question, grammar, examples provided, and whether the response to each question reflects a full understanding of the concepts.
1. Define discrimination. What types of body language did the children display (provide specific examples) and explain how these expressions indicated the impact of discrimination. What affect did being in the "superior" group have on the children’s behavior?
2. How did the negative and positive labels placed on a group become self-fulfilling prophecies? (Review labeling theory from your text).
3. What features did Elliott ascribe to the superior and inferior groups? Discuss/explain how those characteristics reflected stereotypes about blacks and whites during this time (i.e. the time of the filming of this video).
4. Explain how Elliott’s discrimination created no-win situations for those placed in the inferior group. How did she selectively interpret behavior to confirm the stereotypes she had assigned? (i.e How was she able to create stereotypes)?
5. Using the "Vicious Cycle of Racism" in the text, apply each stage as you see it progress in the video-identify the stages, explain how the video depicts the stage and include example(s) from the video for each stage.

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