A comparison of feelings of guilt regarding crimes committed between British and Polish Offenders

79. A comparison of feelings of guilt regarding crimes committed between British and Polish Offenders


It is Forensic Psychology and criminal justice degree.
Presentation Guide
1. Front cover
Title of dissertation.
Your name
Module title & code.
Name of degree.
Word count.
Font (via format)
Times New Roman
Size 12
3.Paragraph (via format)
Justified alignment
1.5 line spacing
4. Contents
Page showing the contents and page numbers of all parts of the dissertation.
5. Introduction (500-750 words approx.)
Introduction to the dissertation subject matter, a brief outline of the study and a summary of the chapters.
6. Literature Review (3500 words approx.)
A thorough and complete discussion / critique / evaluation of all the relevant literature and research studies. This should be focussed on your question and eventually lead into why there is a need for your research study.
7. Methodology (2000 words approx.)
A discussion of the research methodology that you employed to undertake your study. You should criticise your own methods, highlight areas of difficulty in theory and practice that you faced and allude to what may have been utilised to improve the study.
8. Study / Results / Findings (1500 words approx.)
????A presentation of your findings. This should include a summary of the main themes / patterns etc. You should utilise graphs or data analysis tools where appropriate.
9. Analysis of Findings / Discussion (2000 words approx.)
A through analysis of your findings. What consequences / ramifications do they have? How do they compare and contrast with other similar studies?
10. Conclusion (500-750 words approx.)
An overall summary of the study and the main points which arise from it.
11. Recommendations (if any)
A list of points which could be highlighted and implemented to improve policy or practice in the future. Based on the findings of your research.
12. Bibliography
References for each and every source that you have used throughout the entire study.
13. Appendices (if any)
A copy of questionnaires / interview schedules that you may have used could go in here.
Additional Information
These may be given at the bottom of each page, at the end of each chapter or at the end of the main text. Remember to check
for accuracy of numbering.
Diagrams / Graphs

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Remember to print these in colour. Using greyscale or black/white ink will mean that the marker cannot understand them fully
and you may lose marks accordingly.