A Girl’s blog about her Ex-boyfriend


This is an upper level writing class assignment for college student. I want to write a blog. It is about a girl, who is a psychologist. This is her personal blog, and she writes her life and her Ex-boyfriends (4 Ex-boyfriends). These Ex-boyfriends all died for several reasons after broke with her.(For example, one is died for car accident, but still cannot find perpetrators. The second one is died for poison, he is not looks like suicide,but can’t find the evidence that is someone kill him, ). Using first person to create this blog and write some blogs in a horror genre, and use a sense of uncanny. Creating a sense of the uncanny and build tension and suspense for readers. The uncanny gives readers a feeling that something likely going to happen, and then the author can make the thing happen in another way or over the expectation in order to surprise readers. Write about four ways to die for four of her ex-boyfriends. Just write a long story in a blog way, and use first person. Create a bad past experience for this girl, and write a confessions in the end of the blog (She killed four Ex-boyfriends, because she loves them very much, but they still want to leave her). Just write like a suspense fiction. Write four part for four Ex-boyfriends, and one part for her bad past experience and her confession in the end.

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