A Regime That Is Totalitarian

Think Of A Regime That Is Totalitarian. How Does The Leader Keep Control? What Can The People Do?

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Last week we discussed socialism and liberalism. Just to recap, liberalism has two strands, the modern conservatism (called classical liberalism) and modern liberalism. A conservative would support a laissez-faire approach to government, meaning little or no involvement in government programs, such as welfare. Socialism, on another hand, would be championed by modern liberals as socialism seeks participation in welfare programs to lift people up. Socialists have state ownership of things and an extensive welfare system.
Most current debates between the Democratic and Republican Parties center around government’s participation in the welfare of its people. Republicans claim that a welfare state, small state ownership, and high welfare benefits, enable people to be lazy. Democrats believe the welfare state is needed to bring about equality and equity. Where do you fall in this debate?
Since we discussing different forms of governing, it is important to talk about the extreme forms of governing. One extreme form of the ruling is totalitarianism. One person rules the government and tries to stop any leftist revolution to bring about change. In a totalitarian society, the state owns the mass media depicting how its wise leaders are making sure the system is functioning well and optimally. However, behind this thin veil is terror and violence because that is how the leader keeps his or her control. It is important to understand the image portrayed to outsiders, and its people is one of perfect control and order. Most totalitarian rulers subscribe to an “all-encompassing ideology” where economics and history are merged to create a narrative of an ideal state bounded through black and white thinking (right and wrong).
Living in a society with a totalitarian ruler seems stupid to American ideals of freedom and individuality. Therefore, a logical conclusion might be why don’t the people, who outnumber one leader, rise and dispose of the head. One answer is fear. The other answer is the leader has a monopoly on weapons eliminating any armed resistance. Think of a regime that is totalitarian. How does the leader keep control? What can the people do?
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Roskin, M. G., Cord, R. L., Medeiros, J. A., & Jones, W. S. (2014). Political science: An introduction (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. References

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