A Sexual


I want you please to watch this Movie: “(A)Sexual ” its released on 2011.
It’s Available at Hulu and Netflix. It’s for free on “Hulu.com”, so if you go to Hulu.com , you just need to copy the movies name : “(A)Sexual ” and paste it in the search box and you will find it immediately.
After watching the movie, please carefully answer these questions:
1. Do you think David, the founder of AVEN, is well-adjusted in terms of his sexual identity and his relationships with others? How so?
2. Select an interaction that an AVEN member had at Pride Parade. Describe that interaction and reflect on how it made you feel.
3. Use examples from the documentary that illustrate how sex and love are two completely separate things.
4. Describe what David’s consideration of having a sexual relationship represents?
Notice: Please don’t get the answers from the internet, because the teacher is running plagiarism software to check if the answers are copied from somewhere or is it your own words. So please write your own words.
Please don’t write it in essay format. I want you to answer each question separately.
So, write each answer numbered to the question. 1-4
don’t use any sources, just answer the questions from watching the movie.
Please check the attachments I attached you a document.

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