Access Control Discussion


For the discussion this week you will we discussing vulnerabilities. For your main post you will select two IT Infrastucture domains which are below.
1) User domain
2) Workstation
3) LAN
4) LAN to WAN
5) WAN
6) Remote Access
For each of the domains selected research and report on 2-3 vulnerabilities per domain and what would be a control for each of the vulnerabilities identified. Show your research.
A minimum of two response posts are required.
Using the IT Infrastructure domains and research you did in the discussion prepare a short paper on the vulnerabilities you presented. That is, If those vulnerabilities should be exploited do they affect Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of a system. Explain and support your rational. Paper should be 2-3 pages in length and references also.

READ ALSO :   What were the mean, mode, median, range, and standard deviation computed to be for the Santa Fe SPSS data set? Interpret those numbers within the context of the Santa Fe questionnaire used in the research. What does a mean of 3 tell us about the frequency overall at Santa Fe Grill? What does a standard deviation of 1.1 tell us regarding the Santa Fe research? What does a variance of 1.25 reveal to us in terms of the Santa Fe research? You must explain what those numbers tell the managers. In other words, what are the research findings or conclusions.