Addicted To Plastic

1). Be sure to identify your one or two sentence conclusion by changing the font to blue.
2). Find an outside Media, Government or Academic source that makes an argument that agrees with your point of view. You will need to cite this source. When you do very briefly outline their argument changing the font to pink.
Remember that this outline should include BOTH THE CONCLUSION OF THE OTHER AUTHOR BUT ALSO SOME OF THE REASONS THEY GIVE. Point out a reason they give for their argument that is not in yours but with which you agree.
3). Include this argument within the overall argument you make and be sure to give some evidence for this overall argument as well.


The argument of this week’s documentary is that our economy has caused us to become addicted to plastic because plastics play a critical role in our consumption economy. Do you agree or disagree with this thesis? Why or why not?
Addicted to Plastic: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


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