Adult Development & Aging

Essay Assignment

– Explain the four principles underlying the study of adult development and aging? Explain why it is important to distinguish normal aging from disease? Do not forget to site the Adult Development & Aging textbook and 1 additional source that you find on your own.

In addition to citing the textbook to support the answers, please include 1 additional outside source to further support the content. Be very critical of the sources you select. This is a 2 page long essay.

Grading Rubric
 Thesis statement is clear and information is well organized into paragraph format.
 One main idea was presented for each paragraph.
 No major or minor grammatical errors were found.
 All content requirements were addressed well with sufficient and supporting evidence. The textbook and additional source information was provided as support. The content was well explained.
 Reference page was provided in APA format. IN text citations were also provided in APA format.

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