Adult Development & Aging

Essay Assignment

– Explain why do you believe are the 3 most significant age-related changes in the body? Explain why are these so important? Explain what can be done to prevent or delay such changes? Do not forget to site the Adult Development & Aging textbook and 1 additional source that you find on your own.

In addition to citing the textbook to support the answers, please include 1 additional outside source to further support the content. Be very critical of the sources you select. This is a 2 page long essay.

Grading Rubric
 Thesis statement is clear and information is well organized into paragraph format.
 One main idea was presented for each paragraph.
 No major or minor grammatical errors were found.
 All content requirements were addressed well with sufficient and supporting evidence. The textbook and additional source information was provided as support. The content was well explained.
 Reference page was provided in APA format. IN text citations were also provided in APA format.


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