Ambulatory Surgery Center Operational Plan


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Industry: Healthcare
Develop an Operational Plan using the information attached.
Format should match an actual Business Plan FormatThe Business Plan will contain the sections and components common to typical business plan models. The specific needs of each project will determine the appropriate model to use.
The Business Plan is based on a hypothetical situation. Therefore, you will need to be creative. While the information included in the plan will be contrived, make a reasonable attempt to be realistic. This will require research and imagination. Financial projections and timelines are not expected to be exact; feasible approximations are expected.
Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)Background: You are a project manager for a 300-bed community hospital with a 100-physician medical group consisting of primary care and specialty physicians including 20 surgeons of various specialties. Included in this are four well known and respected orthopedic surgeons who contribute significantly to the hospital’s surgery volumes. Senior leadership of the hospital has asked you to put together a proposal for the addition of an outpatient surgery center to be constructed in a new space attached to the hospital. Important factors for consideration in your proposal include:• Patient flow• Number of rooms needed• Operating room (OR) equipment• Sterilization equipment• Office equipment• Construction factors: contractor selection, timelines, permitting, licensing, architecture and interior design, etc.• Volumes lost in main OR versus volume gain from outpatient environment and increased capacity • Staffingo o   Make the following assumptions per operating room: §  One RN §  One scrub tech §  Four pre-op RNs §  Four post-op RNs §  Two registration clerks §  One custodian §  Two sterilization clerks • Registration process• Pre-op process• Post-op process• Coding/billing process• Physician space (Changing rooms, workspace for paper work)• Staff space (Changing rooms, break room)• Effects of political aspects of meeting physician needs on both the surgery center’s performance and that of the main OR in the hospital. Also, any that may occur between surgical specialists.• Financial impacts of an ASC • Trend analysis: are ambulatory surgery centers a growing or diminishing trend?• Typical competition of an ASC • Should it be attached to the hospital, etc?• Marketing – who are major audiences?• Training• Certification

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