American Presidency and Congress Final Exam


Please make sure you follow the instructions as this has not been happening on the last few papers I have paid for.

In 2-page typed essay (12 font, standard margins) thoroughly, thoughtfully, and completely answer the below questions (being certain

to address each question). Higher scores will be awarded to those who support their arguments with examples from the course. Any

material from outside sources (including your textbooks) must be cited.

Given our readings this semester, what you’ve heard in podcasts, what you’ve seen in videos and what we’ve discussed in class, how

would you describe the arc and balance of power between the executive and legislative branches?

What do you believe was intended by the Constitutional framers?
How has this balance shifted and evolved over the last 229 years and where do you see it headed?
Is it a cycle; is there an ebb and flow?
What factors do you believe impact the balance?
What examples from history and/or modern day illustrate the balance or imbalance of power?

You will find most of the course related reading information on this link


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