AMS Spring 2017 Extra Credit

StudentsSome of you have asked for extra credit. After much thought, we have decided to offer extra
credit in a manner that we hope will benefit you in this class and throughout your academic
For extra credit of 50 points (added to your final grade), you may submit thoughtful, engaged,
substantive Cornell Notes for Matthew Pratt Guterl’s “Introduction” and “Profiling” from his book
Seeing Race in Modern America. Both were required readings at the beginning of Unit 4. This
is an opportunity to read or revisit those texts; to learn a new skill for reading, critical thinking,
note-taking, and studying; and to prepare for the final exam.
● Thoughtful, engaged, substantive notes on the texts in question.
● Cornell Notes Format only. No exceptions.
● Submissions will be your own.
● Due by Thursday 4/27 5pm via Turn-it-In. No late submissions accepted.
Grading (50 points):
● Your extra credit points are based on 1) your engagement with the texts and 2) your
application of the Cornell Notes Format.
Resources/Cornell Notes:
● A condensed pdf of the Cornell Notes ppt we viewed in class is available to you in the
Assignments section. As is a pdf template for Cornell Notes.
● The pdf provided covers it all. The Why. The How. Multiple examples.
● For the purposes of this extra credit assignment, there is a Tips on Taking Text Notes
section in the pdf.



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