An integrated brand promotion plan for the South African market – Brand: gymshark


Task:Brand: gymsharkThe aim is to write an integrated brand promotion plan for the South African market.Some sources:
Referencing: Please use Havard2. Situation Analysis2.1 Product Background and HistoryGymshark was found by Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan in 2012 and is nowadays one of the fastest growing brands in the United Kingdom (Customer Think, 2017). Before founded gymshark, the two British students earned some money with various websites and launched two successful fitness apps. The actual Gymshark website was initially an online store for supplements. Since neither Ben or Francis could find sportswear, which met their cutting and design requirements, they invested the entire money they had earned so far in the development of the first gymshark products (Gannikus, 2017).Gymshark has got their roots in the gym  In addition, the product range of Gymshark consists of both men and women fitness clothing designed for sports-driven and fashion-conscious fitness enthusiasts (Godding, 2017).2.2 Industry Description and Competitors Gymshark competes in the fitness fashion and sportswear industry. 2.3 Current Problems- no more fitness expos-…. 2.4 Current Trends- pop-up stores New York and London2.5 Marketing Communication Themes from the Past- very successful social media2.6 Marketing Communications Messages- be visionary 5. Analysis of Competitors, Positioning and Brand PersonalityGymshark’s main competitors in South Africa are: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Maxed, boost gymwear, sweetfit, and monstagymwear. Each of these competitors operates in the same industry as gymshark. However, these brands partly appeal to different target group and the sportswear distinguish in their quality and price range. 5.1 Analysis of Competitive Products and their MARCOMS Strategies (South Africa)5.1.1 NikeFounded in 1963 by Phil H. Knight Nike is one of the most famous sports brands around the world and best-known for its slogan “Just do it”.  5.1.2 AdidasAccording to Nike, Adidas is the second-largest sports brand in the world. Founded by Adolf Dassler in 1920 5.1.3 ReebokReebook is a brand of the Adidas group 5.1.4 Maxed
5.1.4 Boost gymwear
5.1.6 SweetfitFounded by Nicole Retief and Chris Retief sweetfit is a fitness clothing brand from the Western Cape and ships their products all over South Africa. The product range includes both men and women fitness clothing as well as a clothing line for kids (Sweetfit, 2017). A characteristic feature of the sportswear is that all the shirts are printed with eco-friendly inks on 100% cotton garments. Moreover, sweetfit is known for their motivational and inspirational slogans on their apparel (Kimani, 2017). The target group of sweetfit consists of fitness enthusiastic people and mainly overlaps with the one of gymshark. However, gymshark surpasses sweetfit significantly in the term of product quality. Also, the comparison of the social media follower shows that gymshark is far ahead. 5.1.7 MonstagymwearMonstagymwear was founded in 2015 by Devan Lucas and produces its clothing form the very beginning in South Africa. The brand mainly sells hardcore bodybuilding clothing for men, but their range of products also includes mixed martial arts fight wear and hardcore ladies gymwear(Monsta gymwear, 2017). With just over 8,00 followers on Facebook monstagymwear is a small competitor for gymshark in the South African fitness clothing market.5.2 Gymshark’s Competitive Advantage5.3 Gymshark’s Positioning Strategy5.4 Brand Personality- brand archetypes

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