Analysis of Current Issues in Finance Coursework: Research Portfolio


List of topics for research proposals:
1. Rethinking corporate governance
2. Bank failures and regulation
The research proposal on each topic should be around 1-page long or within 500 words (these are like plans and not the actual research) consisting of the following sections:
• Overview of the topic (explain the topic and present the main issues)
• Research questions (at least 5 research questions that you think are worth investigating – research questions are those that seek to test a research hypothesis that can add to existing body of knowledge on the subject and are not fact finding journalistic missions. See sample proposal uploaded on studynet.)
• Data required to answer any one question (identify the data requirement – which countries or markets or companies, sample size, sample period, variables to be studied — and source of this data)
• Proposed methodology (propose a suitable quantitative methodology for the analysis e.g. for linear regression specify what are the dependent and independent variables)
• References (present the list of only those references that were cited in the proposal – 2 to 5 would be sufficient. Use Harvard style of referencing available on ASU website.)

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