Analytical Report on the following CRS: Guest Centrix PMS


This assessment is designed to allow students to research and develop individual knowledge on existing web based PMS, CRS, CRM, ERP or DMS systems of their choice and apply it to an organisation or SME. Submit an analytical report centered on the system / content and relate this to the selected organization also using topics delivered and discussed in class.
Learning outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this project the student will be able to:
1. Understand the importance of E-commerce as various platforms to conduct business at different levels.
2. Compare the knowledge, skills and terminology of management information systems to situations that will be encountered both on professional and personal level
3. Employ their understanding of the internet to identify different E-commerce trends and how added value is brought through these trends;
4. Evaluate the key principles of E-Commerce and analyze ethical / social issues related to E-commerce;
Organization & Methodology:
Students will develop this report individually. Students will need to focus their analysis and understanding on explaining the management information systems selected. The students are required to submit an analytical report (3000 words) centered on the system / content and relate this to the topics delivered and discussed in class.
Report Guidelines
The report is to be submitted in font times new roman, size 10. Graphs, tables and screenshots of the system are encouraged to illustrate points.
In the report you are required to:
• Select a web based MIS of your preference currently used in the tourism and hospitality industry.
• Select a company profile for which it will be applied.
• State what the purpose of the assignment.
• Highlight the significance of the application of MIS to this organization.
• Indicate the main theoretical concepts learnt in class (also personal experience) to ?be included in the report and relate how these concepts will be applied in the ?selected organization.
• How will the implementation of the selected MIS affect the human capital, ?environmental, management and revenues of the organization both from a positive ?and negative point of view.
• Consider the ethical and social implications this MIS will have on the ?organization. ?Consideration when writing the report
• Explain the company profile you have selected to apply this MIS system. What segment, structure and objectives does the company have.
• Determine the importance of the selected web based MIS to the company.
• MIS description of the features and how this will impact the business logic and ?processes.
• Identify the target users.
a. Who is going to use the system?
b. What information do they want?
c. What decisions do they need to make?
• Short / mid term investment strategy and return on investment.
• Critical conclusion; referring to the selected MIS to be implemented to the ?selected organization. ?Individual report – Grade Distribution: ?- 40 % Depth of analyses and research?- 40 % Application of adequate knowledge?- 20 % Presentation format (use of support materials, structure, balance, logical flow).

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