And Then There Were None Book by Agatha Christie

Think about why Wargrave picked his victims: he didn’t know any of them personally, but they all committed a murder they had never paid for. None of the murders were accidents, but some of them didn’t feel guilty for killing their victims. Do you feel that Wargrave was justified to make them pay for their murders? Start making an outline. Start by writing an intro describing the purpose of the Indians on the Island and end it you’re your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should say if you think he was justified or not and why you think that. Next write a main point paragraph as to why you feel the way you do. You should have two main point paragraphs. Support it with quotations from the book. You should have two quotes from the book. Make sure you cite your quotations. Now conclude your essay. Repeat your thesis and your main point. There should be no new information.
1. Intro paragrapha. Thesis:2. Main Point one:a. Quotation:b. Transition3. Main Point two:a. Quotation:b. Transition:4. Conclusion:5. Works Cited

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