• Visit “Peter Brown’s Australian and Asian Paleoanthropology” ( site to learn about the Australian early modern human fossil evidence. Each important fossil is pictured and thoroughly discussed by Dr. Brown, Associate Professor of Archaeology and Paleoanthropology at the University of New England, Australia.
• After you review the premodern fossils, you will pick a fossil to describe and analyze.

• Visit Peter Brown’s Australian and Asian Paleoanthropology – under the indexes, such as the Australian index, East Asian index, or South-East Asian index read about the fossil hominins.

• Write a one-page analysis in 25 sentences or more about one of the fossil hominins from one of the index.
In your analysis include the following:
• Describe the fossil and any unique characteristics, body size, brain size, and cranial shape.
• Describe any archaeological evidence of tool use, art, and technology.
• Include links for online sources.



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