Application Exercise


I) Research a company with international operations and find out the kinds of entry strategies the firm has used. Present the information you found: describing the nature of the company’s international operations, its motivations, its entry strategies, the kind of implementation problems the firm has run into, and how those problems have been dealt with.

II) Interview one or more managers who have held positions overseas. Try to find a man and a woman. Ask them about their experiences both in the working environment and in the foreign country generally. How did they and their families adapt? How did they find the stage of reentry to headquarters and what were the effects of the assignment on their career progression? What differences do you notice, if any, between the experiences of the male and female expatriates

III) Using the material on motivation, design a suitable organizational reward system for the workers in your company’s plant in Mexico.

VI) Identify a company with international operations, where you have personal access/contact. Conduct a telephone interview and find out about the personal interactions involved in working with the organization’s counterparts abroad. In particular, ask questions about the nature and level of authority and decision making in overseas units compared with headquarters. What kinds of conflicts are experienced? What changes would your interviewee recommend?

V) Research some recent joint ventures with foreign companies situated in India or Russia. How are they doing? What is the climate for foreign investors in developing economies at this time?


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