Apply footing and geomechanical design principles to domestic scale buildings

Task/QuestionTask/QuestionPART A Building Site Inspection of a Foundation FailureFind an existing building that has suffered some form of movement/failure from a foundation problem.Provide a report of the site and building failure.  The report as a minimum should include the following: 1. Desk Study of site – complete a desk study of the site. (see section 5 of learning resource) 2. Site/Building Description – A description and plan of the site.  Discuss the location, surrounding topography, type of soil, type of building, building age and foundation and footing type. 3. Failure Description – in detail describe the failure. Note you will need to refer to relevant Australian Standards 4. Failure Analysis – Here you need to analyse the failure and from you finding describe the mechanism that would have cause the failure

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