The persuasive paper should contain the following broad categories:

(This is not in correct outline format! Use this as a Guideline for the Body of RP)

1. Introduction: The job of the introduction is to give an OVERVIEW of the paper. What will you discuss? How will you approach this topic? What will you prove in your paper? Write the Introduction after you have written the body of your paper. Somewhere in this introduction indicate what your thesis is. It does not have to have the same wording as the Thesis Statement in your Outline, but, of course, it should have the same meaning.

2. Background: (Select from among the possibilities. Not all are required.)

What is the problem? Help the reader understand what is important about this issue, why you are arguing this particular way.
What does the reader need to know in order to understand this issue? Not all are required. Help the reader understand this issue.
History – What happened in the past?
Current situation
3. Refutation of opposing views (This section can be here or later.)

[This section is important. Here you show your understanding of the opposing side’s position, and you show that you understand — based on your research — why that opposition is wrong. Any time you argue — whether in writing or in person — it is valuable to show an understanding of why the other person or group feel as they do. Opponents having felt understood will be more willing to accept what you argue.]

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What do opponents believe?
Why do they believe it?
What do you need to say to convince your reader they are wrong?
4. Arguments in favor – See Chap. 3, CI. (Select from among the possibilities. Not all are required.)

Real situations
Made up instances that are LIKE real ones
Authoritative testimony
5. Solutions (Optional but strongly suggested.)

What do you suggest should be done?
What do authorities suggest should be done?
6. Conclusion: Review what you have said in your paper. Go back over the arguments you have made and what you have proven. Repeat your thesis indicating that you have proven it correct.

Note: This paper is 2000+ words of text long. The 6 sections above will contain several paragraphs each.