Aquatic Environmental Toxicology


I want you please to answer these questions which contains two parts (a and b) each one in one paper from your experience and please don't search in the internet and put what other people said because you will not find the answer of these questions on the internet!
I'm not worry about the source as much as how much the answer is perfect.
I'm taking this course ( aquatic environmental toxicology) so please make sure to be in this field.
please make sure to answer the questions as best as you can as I ordered it in master level and with additional 30% to be answered with best expert.
part a:
How would conduct a rapid and cost-effective estimation of bioaccumulation potential? hint: keep in mind the easiest and least expensive method and describe it in details.(half page)
why would you use this method?
and what will be the approximate cost in US dollars?. explain
part B
how does clean water ACT administered by the US EPA help to determine what the level of chemicals should be in our Nation's navigable waters?
how is the integrity of water estimated?

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