33. Argument

US WRITER ONLY Think of a time recently where you were presented with an argument that was intended to change your opinion on something. Using that event, complete the following:
a.Present the argument in premise-conclusion form.
b.Identify whether or not it was inductive or deductive and evaluate it for quality. Be sure to speak in terms of valid/sound for deductive arguments and strong/weak for inductive arguments. Note that last week you were merely asked to present whether or not you found the argument convincing. This week you are being asked to use your new knowledge to evaluate the arguments based on validity, soundness, and strength.
c.Explain whether or not you were convinced by the argument.
d.Explain whether you were correct in your judgment of the argument.
Use the “Steps for Evaluating an Argument” template to help you structure your response. After you have completed the argument template, you will then be able to use that template to write out a response in which you cover all the elements that were included in the argument template.
REQUIRED SOURCE: 1.An introduction to logic
a.Chapter 3: Deductive and Inductive Arguments


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