Arousal Stress Regulation by Exercising

– Magazine Article You are going to write an applied article on your chosen topic(s) for a specific newsletter or magazine related to a sport or physical activity of your choice. You will need to select a specific newsletter or magazine (e.g., Golf Digest, Men’s Health, Shape, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Runner’s World, Inside Tennis). If you choose a magazine written for a particular reader population (e.g., Runner’s World, Inside Tennis) your “audience” for your article has already been established. If you choose a more general sport or exercise magazine (e.g., Sports Illustrated, Women’s Health), then you need to identify a specific audience for your article (e.g., college football players, high school swimmers, new mother’s trying to lose weight after pregnancy, personal trainers, etc.). The key goal for your article is to present the information on your topic so that readers can understand the information and can apply it to their specific sport, exercise, or performance context. Be sure to include good content (key information about the topic(s) you have chosen) and ideas for how this information can be applied to specific situations (using examples is a good idea). You must use at least 2 scholarly references (e.g., peer reviewed articles or books) to support the discussion of your topic (does not include the course textbook). Your article will be assessed using the following criteria: quality of topic information, understandability by the intended audience, quality of application information, creativity/presentation, writing quality, and quality/use of references. Your article should include the following sections: 1. Name of magazine, 2. Title of your article, 3. Content of your article, 4. Tips, recommendations, or key points for your topic, and 5. Reference list in APA format. Be creative! Include graphics and diagrams, get the reader’s attention with quotes/real-world examples, and create a catchy title. Your article should be 2-4 pages.

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