Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Please these are the two artwork you are comparing.
1.The surrender of the Lord Cornwall:at York town and
2. The Reclining Semi-Nude painting by Auguste Renoir. The first art work was the Surrender of the Lord Cornwall and both papers were done by a writer from your department. Please I have uploaded the format below.

Structure your paper like this:
• Introduction: Introduce your topic, and state the purpose of your essay. Be sure to state the titles of the two artworks you will be comparing. Give an idea of what your comparison will cover with a sentence like: “the artworks are similar in X way, but different in Y way.” (One paragraph) Good example: “Both works of art depict Jesus in Mary’s arms, but one emphasizes suffering and death while the other one is about happiness and everlasting life.”
• Recap: Briefly describe the important points about the form and content of your first art object, then of the Met object. This gives you a basis for comparison.
• Compare: Point out similarities between the artworks. Make sure to discuss content. Are these works about similar ideas (love, valor, beauty, etc.)? and differences between this artwork and the one you chose earlier in the semester. Do they look the same in any way? Do you think they have similar or different meanings?
• Contrast: Point out and discuss differences between the artworks. Also make sure to discuss content. How do they treat their subjects in different ways? Or do they express similar points of view despite being from different cultures and periods?
• Display: Consider how each object is displayed or presented to the viewer. Does the art’s location (for instance, in the center of the museum, on top of a base, in a public area) attract attention to it or make it look important or interesting? How does the location contribute to the work’s meaning?
• Conclusion: Draw conclusions. Ask yourself: Based on what you see at the museum, would your first artwork fit in an institution like the Met? Why or why not? Does your that first artwork reflect cultural orientations, movements, or ideas that are represented at the Met? Which artwork do you like better? Why?

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