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Portfolio ObjectivesPortfolio ObjectivesThe purpose of this project is to enable students to demonstrate their knowledge ofimportant international business concepts and apply research, analytical, andcommunication skills. Students will demonstrate their ability to choose relevant sources,summarize key information, provide a critical analysis, and use proper citation in theirportfolio consisting of topics concerning one or more of the international business issuespresented in the textbook.Students will be expected to show development of research and critical thinking skills by completing ananalysis of articles related to course content. Each portfolio must include 5 essays based on articlesrelated to topics in international business, with no more than 2 articles relating to any one chapter in thetextbook. Each essay of the portfolio should include a short summary of the article, a thesis statementand a short analysis demonstrating how the article relates to specific issues in international business.For the portfolio, a minimum of 2 different sources must be used. Any print, audio, oraudiovisual source will be accepted. Students must describe articles that are not print-based indetail – for example, if you include an interview, you must describe the circumstances underwhich the interview took place. Include a copy of each article. NOTE: Reviews that onlysummarize an article and do not provide any critical analysis will be given a mark of 0.Steps:1. Choose an article2. Read the article3. Consider how the article is related to current topics in Int’l Business4. Summarize the article (approx 250 words)5. Create a thesis/position/direction for the analysis based on Step 3.6. Write the essay7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 for 5 different articlesDetails:The first paragraph of each essay should be a brief summary of the article. The last sentence of thisintroductory summary should introduce/state the approach you are taking in the analysis.The primary result of an analysis should be to inform readers fully about differences or about options and theirdrawbacks so that they can make an informed decision. A critical analysis should be clear and concise; it shouldreveal the writer’s thinking about the items undergoing analysis; it should demonstrate that the writer has providedsupporting evidence for each position or option. For example, if you agree with the premise of the article, youmight want to write your views giving reasons for your support, and, if possible, include data (facts/figures) fromoutside sources. Each critical review should be between 1 – 2 pages, double spaced, depending on the size/lengthof the article.Note – each article/analysis is a stand-alone essay. The full assignment consists of 5 article analyses5 essays ( 1- 2 pages each) double spaced (APA format)No more than 2 articles pertaining to any chapter !!!Which means • You can address 5 chapters  ( 1 article per chapter)•  You can address 4 chapters ( 2 articles; 1 article ; 1article ; 1 article)•  You can address 3 chapters ( 2 articles ; 2 articles ; 1 article)• Graded based on the following1) Thesis/ Position statement-             1 to  42) Supporting Information-                 1 to  43) Organization-                              1 to  44) Sentence  Structure-                      1 to  45) Spelling & Word Usage               1 to  4

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Textbook is international business the challenges of globalization Canadian edtionChaper1 globalization
Chapter2 cross-culture business ( what is culture, classifying culture, …)
Chapter3 politics and law (political system, politicalrisk, legalsystem, business and international relations)
Chapter4 international ethics
Chapter 5 economics and emerging markets
Chapter 6 international trade (why do government intervene in trade,methods of promoting/restricting trade)
Chapter7 foreign direct investment
Chapter 8 regional economic integration
Chaper9 international financial markets and foreign exchange
Chapter 10 international strategy and organization
Chapter 11 selecting and managing entry modes (exporting,importing,countertrade, contractual entry modes)
Chapter 12 developing and marketing products(globalization and marketing, developing product in strages,)


Example :


Last Name, First Initial, INTB 300(xxx)  Nestlé Combats China Food Scandalsby Dexter Roberts Business Week October 31, 2008 The article, “Nestle Combats China Food Scandal” attempts to examines the link between the 2008 food safety scare in China and drastic actions multinationals have taken in an effort to calm skittish consumers. China, with a population of roughly 1.3 billion, is a key market for major international players such as Wal-Mart, Nestle, Heinz and Cadbury. Certain foods contaminated with an industrial chemical called Melamine, had these companies pulling different food off their shelves, recalling shipments and even going as far as dumping millions into research and development facilities. This analysis will examine why it is necessary for companies to revamp global strategies to recreate value for consumers when the business climate becomes volatile. Last line of 1st Para introduces direction of analysisA Global Strategy can be defined as “an organization’s strategic guide to globalization.” Source information required for quotations! This type of strategy is typically linked to a goal to maximize long-time profitability for a company. A crucial part of achieving the strategy set out by managers is to create value for the consumers talk about the China case – use examples of how Nestle attempted to maximize long-term profit – use details, facts, figures.and add related info. You should use as many paragraphs as it takes to express your views clearly and thoroughly.Ultimately, to recreate value and re-establish trust among Asian consumers these companies will be required to actively demonstrate the precautions and improvement they are initiating. This paragraph should continue with information about Nestle (and others) …. …give more details, facts & figures related to precautions & improvements and the importance and or effects of revamping this particular strategy..It is inevitable that international companies dealing with food and non-perishable items will have to deal with issues regarding the safety and quality of their products This paragraph should continue with information about the case or cases presented in the article.Reference Roberts, Dexter. (2008) FULL REFERENCE REQUIRED
Proper reference using APA format. All 5 articles and any additional sources including the textbook should be reported on a separate Reference Page –the last page of the report. Most students write essays between 1 ½ and 2 pages for each article. The purpose of the assignment is for you to assess/analyze different perspectives of international business and articulate your position on those perspectives. Ultimately, this assignment allows you to practice & improve your writing skills.

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