Artificial intelligence


This paper should be over this topic: Artificial intelligence. it should be roughly 10 pages long written in APA format and follow these guidelines.
• A title page, including the student’s name
• An abstract
• A table of contents
• An introduction, including a clearly defined thesis statement (roughly one page)
• An historical timeline that diagrams at least three predecessors to the emergent technology that includes a written assessment on how these technologies influenced the development of the current technology (roughly two pages)
o Please note that the timeline should be a horizontal visual component at the beginning of the section, and the written assessment should take up a majority of the two pages.
• An analysis of the technology’s influence on society considering all of the following components (roughly four pages)
• Social: How has this technology been received, accepted, or rejected? Why? Is it feared or favored? What is the attitude toward change? How are the developers trying to sell the technology to the general public? Look at attitudes, feelings (emotions), behaviors, personality, and the ways humans change as a result of this technology. What is being thought and why? Is the human mind impacted? How? Are interactions between people changing as a result? Who is included or excluded, and why? Use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Piaget, or some other theorist. What psychological needs are met by the technology
Look at groups and organizations that have arisen and prospered because of this technology. Are these groups supportive or antagonist, and why?
o Cultural: This is a really important section. Consider the elements that comprise the culture and subcultures. Compare the United States’ use of the technology with that of other nations around the world. What is it about Americans that brings about innovation, or has America declined in terms of technical innovation, scientific research, and development? Look at advertising for the technology, the use of celebrities or stars or heroes, the applications (e.g., sports and nanotechnology), and the values represented by the culture. What has priority and why?
How do musicians and artists react to the technology, use the technology, or incorporate the technology in their artistic productions? Are there any songs, short stories, poems, plays, TV shows, or films that directly make reference to the technology? Are there any related literary works that apply? Is the artifact in a museum or will it be? Why? How does the technology relate to concepts of beauty and novelty and human creativity? How can people express their humanity through this technology?
o Political: Look at government policy, government intervention, government involvement (support or lack of support, funding), both nationally and internationally. Consider Congress, the president, the Supreme Court (decisions), the rate of change, liberalism, conservatism, legislation, litigation, and so on. What political factors are at work in the progression or regression of the technology
• Economic: Consider production, consumption, costs, and variables of supply and demand, corporations, private enterprise, and the impact on the nation’s economy (employment, displacement, and outsourcing). Are certain industries impacted more than others? Look up financial projections—expectations for growth, startup companies, the stock exchange, and the like—anything related to business and the U.S. and global economies. Who are the chief players in the business environment, and what are their roles? How much has been invested in research and development? How will the price fluctuate? What economic trends are to be observed? Who will make money from the technology? Who is funding the research and development? Who controls the purse strings, and why? Look at foundations and charitable organizations, the outcomes, and the nature of consumers. Be sure to use charts and tables and quantitative data in this section. Tables, figures, data, and statistics must be current, valid, and used appropriately.

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o Environmental: Consider such things as dangers to humans, the depletion of resources, air and water pollution, discovery before inventions, impact on wildlife and humans (health and safety), long-term and short-term effects, waste disposal, and aesthetic considerations (how the technology changes the landscape). Look also at the positive effects (savings of raw materials or fossil fuels, low environmental impact, and enhancement of the environment).
• An evaluation of the ethical considerations associated with the technology in relation to its impact on humanity (roughly two pages)
• Concluding remarks that include predictions for the future of humanity given the technology’s emergence (roughly one page)
• In-text citations and a reference section in APA format
• Appropriate statistical graphs or visual aids to support the paper