Each student must submit artwork. This artwork can be a painting or drawing. Please note that you have to upload this assignment to Blackboard. Watch this: Read this: The Scenario for you as the artist: You recently discovered that you would like to pursue an artistic career and your MBA degree will help you sell your art collection and run your business. You have created a new technique in painting that no other artist has used before. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has allowed you to showcase your artwork for one night and all the major millionaires will be there to review your artwork. You have priced this masterpiece at $USD 1,000,000. This piece of art will be showcased once you walk into the Museum in the specialty exhibit. Please create a drawing/painting and submit 1-2 pages (double-spaced) explaining your work of art (story behind the art). You do not have to be Picasso but if you put a dot on a sheet of paper and call that art then you must have a really awesome description to accompany it.