As a nurse engaged in evidence-based practice, it is important to

recognize how statistics and other data analysis tools are used to
generate and assess evidence. Most nurses need only a foundational
understanding of statistical tools and terminology to understand the
majority of research studies. As a nurse, you should be able to recognize
the most commonly used statistical tests, how and when they are used,
and how significance is determined.
In this Discussion, you examine different types of statistics and
statistical tests, when and why these particular tests would be selected
for use, and, most importantly, what the results indicate. Each group
will be assigned one of the five chapters listed in this week’s Learning
Resources and will develop a study sheet on their chapter that will be
shared with the other groups.
•Review the information in your assigned chapter.
•As a group, develop a 1-page study sheet that includes the following:
•The key concepts of the chapter: Focus on the basic concepts that are
important for nurses to understand as they review research studies.
•A description of the statistical methods covered in the chapter, what
they measure, and under what circumstances they are used. Identify
examples of how the statistical methods have been used in research
•An explanation of the key statistical tests and how they measure
significance (if applicable).
Note: This should be a collaborative effort, with each member of the
group making contributions to the design and content of the study
sheet. Use the Groups link on the left navigation bar to collaborate with
your group. When you have developed your 1-page study sheet, select
one member to post it to the Week 9 Discussion Forum so that the rest
of your colleagues can access it.
To prepare:
By Day 5
Post your group’s study sheet. Discuss why it is important for nurses to
understand the basics of these statistical methods.

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