Asia pacific business

Asia Pacific 2Asia Pacific 2


Task (2500 words)


Select an Asia-Pacific nation (aside from your own) in which you have a strong interest and develop a market entry plan for that nation either as an employee or as an entrepreneur.
You will need to address the following headings in your plan as separate sections:


Introduction (approximately 150 words)
Summary introducing the scope of your report


Focus Nation (approximately 700 words)
Information about the nation you are focussing on and why you selected that nation. This information should include information about the demographics, culture, economy, political/legal environment, ethical/corporate social responsibility environment, products/trade/treaties, key relationships with other nations and the market for jobs / entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to explain/rationalise why you selected that nation.


Market-Entry Plan (approximately 1000 words)
Your plan for a market entry either as an employee or an entrepreneur, including your reasons for choosing one over the other, and your anticipated business industry or career field. Your plan should clearly detail the steps you will follow, including the expected timeframes, logistics and costs.


Challenges (approximately 500 words)
An overview of the challenges that you expect to face, and how you plan to deal with these challenges.


Conclusions (approximately 150 words)
A summary of your conclusions overall


References (word count not included in submission length)
Appendixes (optional: word count not included in submission length)


Important Notes
Please read these before starting work on your assessment:
 You are required to use visual communication devices including section headings and additionally such as tables and/or graphs, and/or diagrams etc… in order to most appropriately and effectively communicate key sections of your submission such as your values statement or analysis etc…
 Don’t forget to support your views with relevant data and sources, including reference to the subject core text.
 Please note the recommended section lengths above. The length of these sections reflects how important we consider those sections to be when we are marking your work, so please consider this accordingly.
 You are expected to write in the third person. (E.g. The author’s view is that … The author’s experience is that … The author’s research indicates that … etc.)
 Please don’t forget to include a cover page and a reference list.
 Please stay within 10% below or 10% above the word count (e.g. 2,250 to 2,750 words for this 2,500 word requirement) to avoid receiving a marking penalty.
 It is expected that you will use the prescribed text for this subject (Hill, Cronk, Wickramasekera, 2014) as one of your references in this assessment.
 Please read the other sections below (especially the marking criteria) before commencing work on this assessment.
 You are recommended to partition any longer external documents to an appendix section. Please note that the required word count excludes your cover page, your reference list, and any appendixes.

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