Assessing Health Issues

Through further developing participatory relation ships, you will apply critical social theory, and Chinn’s (2013) peace and power process, in your approach to exploring health issues with your group. You will assess soci0-environmental influences on group health, identify salient health determinates implicated in the identified health issues; collaboratively choose the most significant health issue to the group (critical care nurses) at this time; identify individual and group capacities; and overall readiness for change.
Questions to be considered:
– What group processes, such as opening, closing, and decision making, can be applied to this group (critical care nurses)?
– What approaches can be used in supporting the group to identify salient health issues?
– Which health issues is the most pertinent to the group (critical care nurses) and why?
– What are the social-environmental influences on this group’s health issues?
– Which determinants of health apply to this group’s most salient health issues?
– What capacities and needs are evident in the group?
What level of readiness for change is evident in the group?

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