Assessment 3 – Case Studies Discussion Board

As part of this assessment each student is required to present a case study of a bioenergy installation, the installation must be an energy system at industrial scale (no dwellings) providing heat, electricity, gas, CHP, fuel or chemicals etc. The complete system should be described from fuel source to final use and conversion energy.
Each student will start a new discussion in the case study discussion board area and administer it. The discussion board area will include the description of the technology chosen, after posting other students must ask questions, and these students will be answered by the original poster. Marks will be generated from: a) Original Case Study Post. – This should include photographs, and a full description, it is preferred that everyone finds a live site for the case study, but if this is not possible case studies can be taken from any source, case studies will be checked for plagiarism. How a student answers peer questions will also be taken in account in these marks. b) Questions – Each student must ask 4 questions across the other case studies. Each case study will only have a maximum of 6 questions.
Marks will be generated for: Quality of case study Understanding Ability to evaluate and ask questions Ability to answer questions adequately.


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