Assignment 1: Topic Selection/ Problem Formulation

Assignment Aims This assignment is intended to help ensure your selected research topic is adequate for the purposes of the unit and your focus is clear for the writing of the literature review. An unclear focus may result in a great deal of abortive work being undertaken before the actual focus emerges. Assignment Tasks You are required to formulate a research problem appropriate to the area of project management. You must structure your submission using the headings and numbering of headings as laid out later in this sheet. Set out the A4 page with 2.5 cm margins all round and use font size 11 with single spacing. Your submission must have a cover that includes the following information: • Department Name • Unit name • Assignment title • Student name and number • Lecturer name • Date of submission Submission Structure 1. Draft Working Title of Research: 2. Aim and Objectives of Research: 3. Justification for Research Problem: (Why is the research problem important to industry and why should you do the research?) 4. Knowledge Areas for Literature Review: 5. Initial References to be Considered: (Appropriate number and balance, and from diverse sources – Chicago style) Marking Structure: • Proposed topic appropriate to meet unit requirements and time constraints and research objectives and operational definitions suitable, clear and practical 70/ 100 • Initial references in reasonable number and quality, appropriate to the research requirements and from diverse sources 30/ 100 100/ 100

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