Assume that your audience has only basic computer knowledge.

92. Assume that your audience has only basic computer knowledge.

Final Project Requirements:
The accounting firm, for which you work as an IT administrator, consisting of 40
employees has just merged with a smaller firm consisting of 10 employees. The smaller
firm does not have an IT administrator on staff. As a result of the merger, a new building
has been purchased to accommodate the additional employees in the city’s downtown
historical district. (See attached floor plans below.)
The building has been included on the city’s register of historic buildings. The building
has significant architectural features on the interior that must be maintained in
compliance with the city’s historic landmark district and zoning ordinance. As a result,
the interior can be updated only to make it structurally sound. All other architectural
features must be maintained or restored to the same state as when the building was
Currently, the employees of the smaller firm are using older model Dell computers (circa
2005) with a Windows XP operating system. They are using a peer to peer network.
Their employees are currently using Microsoft Small Office Accounting® Software,
Microsoft Works, and Internet Explorer. They use avast!® (free version) for malware protection. Backups are performed by individuals when they feel it is necessary. There
is no company standard for backup.
Your company is also in desperate need of hardware updates. Most employees are
using older systems with Windows XP. A couple of newer employees are using
Windows Vista. You have a client/server network using Windows 2000 server. Your
accountants use either Intuit® QuickBooks® or Sage® Peachtree® software. You are
currently using Symantec™ Antivirus™ Corporate protection. Your company currently
performs full back-ups monthly, differential backups weekly, and incremental backups
nightly. These backups are made to an onsite server.
You now need to integrate all of the employees onto a single network. Your boss has
requested that you prepare a proposal for integration to present to the city council and
the investors. Remember, as well, that as an accounting firm, security is of the utmost
importance. The chapter references following each question should give you a good
starting point for your research. Your proposal should consider the following:
A. Computers for each employee (Marketing has indicated a preference for Macs due
to their graphic capability). Be sure to include the make, model, and price for each
computer you recommend. (Chapter 1)
B. Be sure to include the hardware requirements for each model and why you are
making the recommendations that you are. You should summarize the key hardware
requirements for each computer – for instance, hard drive storage, RAM, CPU
information, etc. For each component, be certain to explain why this is an important
consideration and how it will benefit your company. (Chapters 2, 6)
C. Application software requirements for each computer (Chapters 3, 4)
a. Accounting software (review what the companies are currently using. What
functions do they have? Will you keep one or both of the current options, or
choose something new? Why?)
b. Graphic design software (for marketing) – remember, they will be using this
for designing such items as the company logo, website, yellow page
advertisements along with other marketing materials.
c. Browser – explain why you chose the particular browser (i.e. security,
convenience, ease of use, etc…)
d. Security – be certain to discuss the companies’ original security measures.
Are they appropriate? Why or why not? Then consider both physical and
logical security options for your network.
e. Any additional software you feel will be necessary
D. Operating system recommendations for all computers. (Chapter 5)
Explain the reasoning behind your choice. Why did you choose this browser for your
particular firm? E. Network operating system recommendation (Chapter 7)
F. Network hardware – you should include anything you think you will need based on
your reading from the book and any web research that you have done. (Chapter 7)
G. Backup System – remember that you should consider the location of your backup,
and not just the software and schedule. (Chapter 9)
H. Additional devices that employees may require (PDAs, Cell Phones, Printers,
Scanners, etc. (TiF – IT Ethics, Chapter 8)
I. Security – how will you secure your system? Remember to include both physical and
logical security in your discussion. (Chapter 9)
Remember to give your justification for each of your decisions. Don’t just provide a list
of your final recommendations. Assume that your audience has only basic computer
knowledge. Also, please be sure to cite your sources! Everything should be
summarized in your own words!
Written Paper
a. Finally, you may choose to present this information in the form of a written
paper in Microsoft Word
b. The paper should be 3-5 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages)
and include all the required information
c. Please include a reference page for your citations

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