Attitudes about Algebra


Interview 3 people who have graduated high school.
▪ Ask them how they felt about Algebra and why.
▪ Ask them what they remember most about Algebra.
▪ Ask how they feel about the need to include Algebra in the H.S. curriculum.
▪ Compare and contrast their responses.
▪ What have you learned from these interviews?
How do their experiences compare to yours? What could you tell students who are about to take their first Algebra course why they are taking this course?
• Choose three consecutive integers (e.g. 7, 8, 9). Square the middle term.
◦ Multiply the first and third. Choose 3 different consecutive numbers and do the same. Choose one more set of 3 consecutive numbers and do the same.
◦ What do you notice?
◦ If N is an integer, the next integer would be N+1 and the integer after that would be N+2

How have this week’s readings, assignments and activities added to your knowledge of mathematics and affected your feelings about mathematics? The summary needs to cover three domains of learning: Cognitive, Affective, and Conative as described below, and comment on what I can do to assist you.




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