Bеhаviоur in Оrgаnisаtiоn

This unit introduces students to the fundamentals of management and organisational behaviour in the context of today’s contemporary global business environment. It examines the major theories and models in areas of communication, group dynamics, individual behaviour and motivation, decision-making, leadership, power and politics, change and resistance, and ethics and social responsibility. It places particular emphasis on the application of theory to dilemmas and issues likely to confront managers today and in the future. This assessment is a report written and 15-20 presentation using voice-over power point. We are working in small groups (to be allocated), we will explore topics covered in Module 3: Working with Power. Our group will be asked to do the following: 1- We choose a sub-topic covered in Module 3 as the focus on the assignment (sex-typing); 2- we found a video clip to present as part of our presentation (such as a short segment from a film, or a short YouTube video) in which this topic or theme is evident, My responsibility is to: (A)-write a theoretical approaches (300) word from text book (see the file in the attachment) and journal articles: Sex Typing and gender. (B)-Then address the following questions: What are the major power themes in your clip? How is power being used by the different actors or objects? by following this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-SJ6s1kESY (horrible bosses) on the video link above make sure that we apply on the theory that you are going to cover on the section (A), and then general description of the clip: topic (harassment chapter 5 text book), why we choose it. 250 word. (C)- Recommendations 100 word. (D)- Speak note that summarise the whole repot,250 word so I can use these speech in front of the class. So please do not write introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph. Also include the page number while you are citing the references. So when we you see the point 1, and 2, it gives you a brief description of the assessment. And follow the pointsA,B through D.

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