Name of the book to use for reference: Margaret mead. sex and temperament in three primitive societies NewYork: Wm. Morrow.1980 Answer the following:1) Discuss Kuper’s myth of the primitive, especially how it seves as a mirror for modern society (Kuper, p.223) and Amin’s notion that the "west is the best". show how both of these involve the same idea od modernity and tradition as antithetical concepts. remember that modernity=the west. 2) Amin then goes on to say that (p.vii) that "eurocentrism is… not a banal ethnocentrism." how then dp eurocentrism and ethnocentrism differ? Be sure to define the terms such as " the primitive", eurocentrism and ethnocentrism. define modernity and tradition, rely on and integrate ideas from the assigned readings and class discussions in your essay using intext citations, construct a logical and well reasoned narrative that sufficiently answers the questions.

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