Because of the AIDS crisis the College Administrationhas decided to install condom dispensers in all of the rest rooms

Assume the following:
that this decision has created a major controversy on campus,
that you currently commute to the College.
Write an essay in which you argue for or against the College Administration’s decision. In your argument you must cite at least two sources; include a Works Cited page. Use the format for citing that is common in your major.
Because you are writing your first argument, you should check the course URL for the following: the form of an argumentative thesis, the parts of an argument, and the use of citations. For the citations, you will need to follow the go to the Purdue OWL.
Remember, the issue here is not AIDS or the effectiveness of condoms. The issue is the College Administration’s decision to install the dispensers. Assume that a vending company much like the companies that install soft drink and snack dispensers at school would install these dispensers. Also, don’t forget that you must assume that the college is the one you are attending.


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