Benefits of a formal training and development program to a medium size firm, worth the investment of time, financial, and physical resources.

The Major Project requires you to write a 5,000-word research report similar to the type of reports found at the ASTD website, but smaller. The purpose of the research report is to inform small to medium-sized businesses (less than 500 employees), as defined by U.S. International Trade Commission report on small to medium sized businesses, of why a formal training and development program is a benefit to the firm and worth the investment in time, financial, and physical resources.
Premise statement and Research Paper Outline due Midnight EST 24 June 2017.
Research Paper Deadline 30 June 2017.
The report should show your breadth and depth of insight from the assigned reading and show clear evidence of outside research of at least 15 resources. The resources should come from at least five different sources (websites, organizations, magazines, etc.).
The report should be a final polished professionally-formatted report. MSWord provides you with report templates and you can find templates on the WWW if you don’t have a preferred template already.
The purpose of a business research report is to provide business executives information or data pertaining to a specific topic or area. This can be both internal and external research. For example, if the business research report focuses on customer service and the business’ relationship with its current customers, research assistants could complete a research questionnaire or interview with willing customers.
According to ACS, a research report has specific sections to present the data in a professional manner.
A Title Page, date of the report, and nature of the data in the report.
Include an abstract of the research being done,
Introduction to the report,
A discussion of the experiment or methods used to get the information,
Results of the research, discussions of changes that need to be made
Conclusion that sums up the report and research as a whole.

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