Bibliotherapy Assignment


Bibliotherapy Assignment (15%)
Assignment Description:
Find and evaluate three books you would use to help children prepare for, or cope with, life circumstances. Each bookmust addressa

different issue (for example: childhood fears, toilet training, sibling rivalry, bullying, divorce, illness, death, new baby, new school,

Assignment Layout:
Your evaluation of each book should be no more than one page in length, double-spaced, 12 point font.
Begin each evaluation with a bullet list that includes the following information:
• The name of the author, the title of the book, the date and location of publication (point form)
• The issue/theme addressed by the book (point form)
• The recommended age range for which you would use the book (point form)
• A brief summary of the book’s plot and characters (brief, complete sentences)
• Ideas for discussion starters (point form)
• Ideas for literature links and related activities (point form)
After your bullet list, write a well-developed paragraph (approximately 8-12 sentences) that answers the following questions in complete

• How would you use this book with children (one-on-one, group, reference)?
• Would you use this book with children of different ages?
• What are the limitations of the book for use with children?
• What else seems relevant or important to you about using this book in bibliotherapy?
Submit your completed Bibliotherapy Assignment to the drop-box of the same name in the Activities &Assignments folder on Blackboard.
Your assignment will be marked according to the Evaluation Rubric for Bibliotherapy on the following page.

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