Biometric Traits


Issues to address:● What happens to biometric trait information currently collected by companies?● What state or federal laws, if any, regarding biometric traits are currently in development?● Why is the government allowing departments and agencies to collect biometric data without a person’s knowledge?***See attachments for paper instructions – TAR Template/5 annotated credible resources.Do not hesitate to ask me any questions regarding the assignment.

5 annotated credible sources – These sources must be used in the TAR. No additional sources may be used.• “Biometrics.” Gale Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, edited by Laurie J. Fundukian, 2nd ed., vol. 1, Gale, 2012, pp. 62-65. Gale Virtual Reference Library• Biometrics: Who’s Watching You? (2015, August 03).• Editors, T. (n.d.). Biometric Security Poses Huge Privacy Risks.• The Boring and Exciting World of Biometrics. (2015, February 13). Retrieved from• 4 Cultural, Social, and Legal Considerations | Biometric Recognition: Challenges and Opportunities | The National Academies Press. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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