Create a blog entry relating your professional experience with the effects of context on problem-solving.

  1. Consider the following:

According to David Snowden and Mary E. Boone of Harvard Business Review (HBR), issues facing leaders can be categorized into one of five contexts. They are: (1) simple, (2) complicated, (3) complex, (4) chaotic, and (5) unclear as to which is dominant.

  1. In your course blog, address the following questions in light of the five contexts defined by Snowden and Boone:

What has been your professional experience with problem-solving?

Is there value in knowing in what context a problem exists? Why or why not?

How do McKinsey’s and Jain and Sharma’s theories fare in the face of these contexts?




Piyanka& Sharma, Behind Every Good Decision, pp. 175 – 220.








Blog Rubric

Postings provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective thought about the topic by
…building a focused argument around a specific issue or topic, including three well-developed text/class material or other references
…asking a new related question or
…making an oppositional or supportive statement supported by personal experience or related research.
Postings present a focused and cohesive viewpoint that is substantiated by effective supporting examples
Postings are creatively and fluently written to stimulate dialogue and commentary.
Appropriate integration of personal experiences(s) or professional lessons within entry. Vignette is a 100% match to theme.
Postings are written in a style that is appealing and appropriate for the intended audience and a consistent voice is evident throughout.
Postings reflect the author’s unique personality through expressive and carefully selected word choices that bring the topic to life.
Written responses are free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.  The style of writing facilitates communication.
Uses APA style.
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