Book Review


Assignment One: 1000 word Book Review A
The book review is the first assignment of the module. Students are expected to write a
1000-word book review on any academic book from the reading list for this module.
Students should summarise the main arguments of the book and. crucially. are expected
to offer some critical analysis. explaining the aspects of argument that are convincing or
not and why. Students may refer to and cite other published work where they feel it is
useful and relevant, but the principal focus of the book review should be the reviewed
v work itself. Students will be graded on the following areas amongst others:
(1) the extent to which the review offers a summary of the text.
(2) how well the student has identified the principal arguments within the text.
(3) How well the student has identified the strengths and weaknesses of the piece..


(4) How coherentiy written the review is. E
A full marking rubric for this assignment will be made available online. The

usual academic conventions of referencing and a bibliography are expected!

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